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How-to Soup /Hot in 12 minutes

Healthy eating should be really quick, as generally – the more you cook it, the more nutrition it loses.

I never use to make soups, as I thought it was long! However, I kept recommending them to people, so I devised a super quick way to cook them for optimal nutrition and for an impatient me!

1. Boil red lentils for 10 minutes
2. Steam veggies 3-5 minutes
3. Use this time to cut up your dipping veg
4. Add cooked veggies, spices, and some of the water from the steamer into the blender
6. Eat that soup like you mean it!
Another great habit to keep you fuller for longer and pack more nutrition into your diet is to swap bread for a plate of raw and cooked veg to dip into your soup. Even if you cba making soup – veg soup dippers are a win! Easy way for five a day!

Big soup: tomato, beetroot, carrot, red lentils, paprika, pumpkin seeds, garlic, chillies, mustard powder

Baby soup: carrots, parnips, oats, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, flaxseeds

Easy on the turmeric. I put way too much in and this usually beautiful soup was  disgusting hahaha. Happens!

Soup dips:
Green beans
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