Something they should teach at School Turning Simple Real Ingredients to Nutritious Delicious Food ️
Few ingredients in my Fridge and Turned them into a Stir fry this morning. Nothing fancy, Just Honest Food with out the B.S. Only thing that took time was taking the pictures
🏼 Details
370 Calories – P19 C16 F26 – with 9 grams of Fibre (= net carbs 8)
Swipe for the breakdown Macro + Micro nutrients
🏼 Ingredients
Ghee (5g)
Pak Choy or other Asian greens (150g) cut in half
Avocado (1/2 70g) Mashed
2 Whole Eggs
Radishes (Handful 100g) Sliced
Chestnut Mushrooms (200g) Sliced
Coconut Aminos (2tsp), Chilli Flakes, Fresh Mint
🏼 Recipe
1. Heat pan to medium high with Ghee
2. Add the mushrooms + greens
3. Add coconut aminos + Stir fry until wilted (2-3 Mins) push to one side
4. Add the eggs cook for few mins
5. Mash the avocado + Slice Radishes
6. Make it look pretty 🏼‍♂️ Enjoy ️
By: @livevitae .
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