DUO-PURPLE DREAM JAR by .healthydreams . Here's the recipe

DUO-PURPLE DREAM JAR by @vickys.healthydreams .
Here's the recipe for it:
– 3 frozen bannas
– a hand full of frozen blackberries
– a dash of lime
– blue spirulina
– pink pitaya powder
– coconut joghurt
– poppsy seeds
– agave syrup
Mix bananas with the blackberries plus the lime in a high speed blender. Split it in half and add to one 1/2tsp blue spirulina, to the other half add 1/4 tsp spirulina +1/2 tsp pink pitaya powder. The white layer is just coconut yoghurt with 2tbs poppy seeds and 1tsp agave syrup combined.
Granola, blackberries, white currant, dark currant, banana hearts, sprinkles.
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