Don’t eat less, eat better! I’m so excited to launch my completely redesigned, hugely popular detox ebooks!
These books are for anyone excited about:
– Taking control of their health, from the inside out.
– Learning how to cook simple meals.
– Eating delicious food like buckwheat pancakes, toasted kale salad, falafel, cauliflower pizza, and more!
– Long term results. There programs are designed to set you up for sustainable, lifelong success.

Each detox includes: –
Over 40 delicious, cleansing recipes!
🍋 Grocery lists + tips!
🥑 Detox 1 is suitable for everyone, and perfect for beginners.
🥦Detox 2 is 100% vegan and gluten free, and includes full meal plans!
🍐Packages available at a discount!

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