Creamy chocolate pudding oatmeal bentos with looooots of fruit.🥝
Jenna from @cafeorganicbali asked me in our livestream yesterday what food I think people should eat more and my answer was FRUIT! There is a big misconception that fruit sugar causes weight gain. There are no “fattening” foods. What makes you gain weight is a calorie surplus – which means if you eat more than you burn, your body will store the extra energy in form of fat. When it comes to weight gain (not talking about health), it doesn’t matter how “healthy” you eat – if you eat too much you’ll put on weight.
Fruit can actually HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT because it’s high in fibre, water and vitamins. Nutritional foods satiate your cells on a deeper level. Fruit makes your body happy. Fruit is life. 🏼🥝🥑
Bentos by @monbento ⋆

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