Cake by @coconutandcarrot
For an 18 cm cake tin:
-70g cashews
-1 tblsp cocoa
-100g dried dates
-1 tblsp agave
-150g blueberries
-a few raspberries
-300ml coconut milk from a can
-2 tblsp agave
-1 tblsp (10g) agar agar
-1 tblsp topioca starch
-2 tblsp acai powder
️Mix all ingredients for the crust in the food processor a put the crumbly dough in cake tin.
️Mix the fruits and the coconut milk in a blender. Poor the mix in a pot and add the other ingrients. Heat for a bit while stirring until you get a sticky strong consistency. Poor the cream on top of your crust.
️Freeze your cake for about at least 3 hours to get the perfect texture.
️Decorate with berries, optinally flowers and poor a bit melted chocolate and wait until defozen.
️Enjoy! .
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