Bombay Sandwich.
Credit: @binjalsvegkitchen

The winners of this week are @havocinthekitchen (Best Picture of Week) and @maruskooo and @hodosviki (Best Crepes Theme Week Pictures)

Tag  your high quality pics #hautecuisines, @hautescuisines or direct message (please provide the short name of a submitted dish IN ENGLISH!) for a chance to be featured. Please submit only works belonging to you

Every Monday we announce two winners: the Best Picture of a Week (Received most of your likes) and the Best Picture of a Theme (Choice of HC). The theme of this week is Food Styling: Hands in Food Photography (this could be anything from the ingredients, cooking process, to complete dishes) P.S. Please before submitting, check our feed to see what we expect from you. The theme isn't about any "foods with hands" – it's about beautifully photographed food where the presence of your hands should make sense 😎

The themes of next week will be Food Styling: Flour&Dough and Easter.

We will have the following themes shortly: Shellfish, Decadent Chocolate Desserts, and few others so you may start preparing.

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