Before & After – 5 Ingredients – 10 Mins Recipe Below Cast iron skillet one pan
How we Roll on the Weekend ‍
Creds to @livevitae
99% of the time my first meal is Higher Fat Mod Protein Low Carb. I do not follow the norm and Do what works for me not because a cereal company tell me to start my day with processed wheat
🏼 Details
492 Calories | P 28 C 5 F 40
🏼 Ingredients
1 sml – med Avocado
Grass fed Ghee (1 tsp)
Spring Onion
Chestnut mushrooms
4 Free Range Organic Eggs
🏼 Recipe
1. Preheat pan to medium. Add 1/2 the Ghee and then sliced mushrooms
2. Sauté until soft aprx 3 Mins, whilst waiting get a bowl add eggs & whisk.
3. Remove mushrooms + add remaining Ghee. Add eggs and cook on a low to medium cooked until just set or till preference.
4. Prepare the avocado & finely chop spring onion
5. Remove pan from heat + add the Avo and spring onion, season to taste.
6. Eating off the pan saves Washing up
——— .
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