Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Bread Pizza. Credit:

Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Bread Pizza.
Credit: @havocinthekitchen

The winners of this week are @gallitcook (Best Picture of Week) and @c.judge.shoot (Best Picture of Theme)

Tag  your high quality pics #hautecuisines, @hautescuisines or direct message (please provide the short name of a submitted dish IN ENGLISH!) for a chance to be featured. Please submit only works belonging to you.

Every Monday we announce two winners: the Best Picture of a Week (Received most of your likes) and the Best Picture of a Theme (Choice of HC). The theme of this week is Crêpes (we will choose two winners, sweet/plain and savory crêpes)

The theme of next week will be
Food Styling: Hands in Food Photography (this could be anything from the ingredients, cooking process, to complete dishes). We will have the following themes shortly: Food Styling: Flour&Dough, Shellfish, Decadent Chocolate Desserts, and few others so you may start preparing.

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